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Bamboo Straw FAQ's

Q: How long do your Bamboo Straws last?
A: Our Bamboo Step premium quality bamboo straws have been proven to last for years if taken care of properly.  Putting them in a home dishwasher may reduce this time to 6 months or less because of the long heat cycle.
Q: How do you clean the Bamboo Straws?
A: We recommend that you rinse them in warm water with soap and apply the cleaning brush if necessary.  You can always boil them a few minutes for a deep clean.
Bamboo straw with cleaning brush
Q: What makes your bamboo straws not taste like wood?
A: We have a long production process (60+ days) that allows our bamboo straws to:
- Have a clean and smooth finish
- Be rid of any sugars that could form bacteria
- Fully remove the taste of wood
Q:  Can you set-up a custom quantity order for bamboo straws and bamboo straw travel kits to be shipped to multiple destinations?
A: Yes, Just send us an email and we'll arrange the specifics. 
Q: How long does the engraving take?
A: We can usually send these within the normal 3-5 business days, so it does not affect an order time whether it's customized or not.  The only extension in the time, is finalizing the text on the bamboo via email exchange which could be multiple days.  But when you reorder, we'll already have your file from your 1st order so it would be 3-5 business days.
Bamboo straw that is engraved and custom straw and a reusable straw.
Q: Can I wash my travel kit?
 A: Yes, but we recommend a quick hand wash and air/sun dry as the method.